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  archive 38 Where is inflation? Market strong near end-of-year  
  archive 37 Exuberance is back!  
  archive 36 More Halloween fun, market languishing  
  archive 35 3rd quarter 401k statements, hit a bottom?, Halloween fun  
  archive 34 unstable summer market (down then up then down)  
  archive 33 Sir Alan Greenspan, summer doldrums -> rally  
  archive 32 It's a bear market, + more scandals, Alan speaks out  
  archive 31 General confusion by everybody, and a July market melt-down  
  archive 30 Cisco moves markets, DOW 10k (again), Merrill chastened, Maria dances troubles away, Martha Stewart  
  archive 29 Volatile markets (mostly down), gold rising, Compaq/HP merger, W$W guest in jail  
  archive 28 Rukeyser out, income tax time, gold starts moving, more Merrill, DOW 10,000  
  archive 27 mixed bag, Merrill Lynch under investigation  
  archive 26 whoops! Nasdaq tumbles in late January  
  archive 25 stocks robust but economy is not, more Enron  
  archive 24 at the start of the year, some wonder if we've just witnessed a 2nd bubble  
  archive 23 Enron emerges, Greenspan still cuts  
  archive 22 30 year bond is dead, market still shows strength  
  archive 21 after big post-September 11 drop, the market rallies  
  September 11, 2001 in memoriam  
  archive 20 economy definitely slowing, Windows XP  
  archive 19 mixed bag  
  archive 18 2001 spring-summer rally fades, stocks slump  
  archive 17 death throes for dot-coms, market waffling sideways  
  archive 16 generally confusing, but bulls are gaining courage  
  archive 15 bear market over heading into summer 2001?  
  archive 14 rate cuts and more rate cuts encourage the markets (most of the time)  
  archive 13 big pop in the markets  
  archive 12 unhappy bulls, tech is part of the problem  
  archive 11 hitting bottom?  
  archive 10 further carnage in March  
  archive 09 market carnage in spring 2001  
  archive 08 market droopy, California electricity crisis  
  archive 07 confusion as to where this market is headed following the "Rate Cut Rally"  
  archive 06 end of 2000, beginning of 2001  
  Wall Street Paper Dolls Make your own bullish character!  
  archive 05 Generally crazy going into the end of the year  
  archive 04 Keeps ongoing down, but bears have to watch out for wild rallies  
  archive 03 October 2000, things start looking really bad for the bulls  
  Intel warns Drops 20% in after-market trading. It was a depressing day for bears, who expected a feast but got screwed yet again.  
  Contemplative Fed Board Exceedingly wise bunch of characters.  
  archive 02 summer rally continues & Henry Blodget Two press releases, and something from the FBI.  
  Wall Street Survivor Show Bulls vs. Bears. All your favorite characters.  
  archive 01 April / May decline, followed by a summer rally  
  archive 00 February / March 2000  



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