Fun with analysts
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This is for real: story
coverage of ML story is here
The complaint by the AG of NY
can be obtained
here (pdf)




Recently discovered work of Albrecht Durer




- Post-bubble Survey -
Who is the wackiest Wall Street commentator?
Joey 'NAZ 4300 by end of 2000' Battipaglia
Ralph 'W$W Elves Dunce Cap' Acampora
Abby 'Tech is attractive at NAZ 3500' Cohen
Henry 'AMZN $400 price target*' Blodget
Mary 'Buy CMGI, EBAY, & YHOO in June' Meeker
James 'DOW 36,000' Glassman


*now split adj to $66


Same number, different year!


Tragedy at zoo! Kudlow eaten by hippo - but he remains bullish! What a guy!

Note to the perplexed: Larry Kudlow did not say these things. Nor was he eaten by a hippopotamus. He is usually bullish though.



October 3:
October 12:
November 29:
"[Cohen] acknowledges the macroeconomy is slowing to a more
sustainable, slower rate of demand, although believes that the
transition period has been "confusing and worrisome" to investors."
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