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Will Nortel's Open IP initiative make Cisco an old-fashioned, obsolete outfit?



Sept 8, 2000





The Plunge Protection Team gets a new partner: SPR Man (aka Clinton). Also, the battered Euro is strengthened due to intervention by the European Central Bank, the U.S. Treasury, the Bank of England, Japan's Ministry of Finance, and the Bank of Canada.



Longs take a huge bath. And what about Wee Willie Shatner? Note: 1st 40% haircut on Sep27, 2nd haircut on Oct 5



NEW YORK, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Shares in Apple Computer Inc. (NasdaqNM:AAPL) fell further in pre-opening trade on Friday after the computer maker warned that its fourth-quarter profits would be well short of Wall Street forecasts. Apple was down at $27-13/16 on the Instinet electronic broker system from a Thursday closing price of $53-1/2. Apple said it expected fourth-quarter earnings of 30 to 33 cents a share, compared with the consensus analyst forecast of 45 cents


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