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Note: The Bartiromo Quote Generator was created at the time of the peak of the stock market (early 2000).
We've decided not to update the BQG, so that the spirit of the market from those days is preserved.


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  • Bernie Cornfield (1970's) Responsible for the Investors Overseas Service fiasco
  • Blue RIdge Corporation (1920's) A highly leveraged trust that fell in price dramatically after the crash of '29
  • Boston Chicken (1990's) Fast food company that went out of business
  • Braniff Airlines - An airline with attitude, but which went out of business
  • Bre-X (1990's) Company whose stock skyrocketed on bogus news of a gold strike
  • CMGI (1990's) Intenet incubator stock that has fallen dramatically
  • E-Stamp (1990's) E-commerce firm that went out of business
  • Graham and Dodd (1930's) Authors of a respected book that fundamentalists use to evaluate securities
  • Insana, Ron - CNBC reporter
  • Kernan, Joe - CNBC reporter
  • ICGE (1990's) Intenet incubator stock that has fallen dramatically
  • KTEL (1990's) Company whose stock traded near $40 before getting delisted
  • Marley's Ghost - From A Christmas Carol by Dickens
  • (1990's) E-commerce firm that went out of business
  • Professor Irving Fisher (1920's) A respected economist who is often rembered for saying in 1929, "Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau."
  • Seaboard Air Line (1920's) During the period prior to the '29 crash, people purchased stock in this southeastern railway thinking it was an airline
  • Service Corp International - Funeral services
  • Studebaker - manufacturer of automobiles until 1960

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