NASDAQ Predictor
V 2.7
(for 1999-2000)
A new version will be developed
soon for the current bear market,
but until then, just assume a
steady 3% decline each week.


You can call 'em just like the experts on TV!
Select all that has taken place recently

Any Greenspan Speech
Yes. -- Especially one warning about declining asset values. No.
Warning from a big name tech firm N
Yes. -- Slower sales expected in next Q, and the one after that. No.
Abby or Joe or Ralph signal 'buy' CGB
Yes. -- Set 12mo targets for any index at +20% No.
Lower than expected CPI or PPI number
Yes. -- Even better when excluding food and energy. No.
Analysts set new (higher) targets
Yes. -- For a slew of B2B and optical networking stocks. No.
Oil drops by over $2 a barrel S
Yes. -- And a warm winter. No.
Technicals looking better $
Yes. -- P/C ratio over .8 No.
Fund flows resume
Yes. -- The march of the 401's continues. No.
Dot-coms are back in favor dJt-cJm
Yes. -- Another batch of startups with no earnings prospects become billion dollar market cap outfits. No.

Change in NASDAQ expected for the next week

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