Internet and other dot-comedies

One of 2001's biggest jokes:




Read the interview at eCompany here



Not funny, but true...


From a modern day Devil's Dictionary:
Just in case you think we made this up, the definitions came
from commentators on CNBC ...
while interviewing Henry!
The usage examples are, of course, satire.









From's public relations office regarding their 'Delight-O-Meter' [tracks number of items ordered]:
"The Delight-O-Meter should not be viewed or used as a predictor or indicator of revenue or other financial information relating to"
12 December 2000 (AMZN) 25 5/16 +1 7/8: Mrgn Stnly Dn Wttr reiterated its OUTPERFORM rating. Analyst
Mary Meeker said that based on firm's analysis of Amazon's Delight-o-Meter results the company should meet or beat firm's top-line estimate for Q4 of $1 bln in revs; noted that the online retailer is not out of the woods yet but that their confidence is rising.



Perhaps they haven't considered this option....






Remember this problem from High School math?


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