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Age: Mid 70s.
Race: White; Sex: Male.
Height: 5’6”, Weight: 140 pounds.
Hair: Dark; Eyes: Unknown.
Case #: 97-7436
Investigator: Paul Miller, Major Crimes Unit

Subject pumped money into several major commercial banks located in the New York area on April 10, 2001 at approximately 0930 hours.  

Subject confronted three (3) tellers and demanded surrender of Federal government debt obligations in exchange for money.  He used freshly printed cash which was concealed in a zippered pouch.  

Subject is described as an elderly White male, in his mid 70’s, fair complexion, with a ponytail hair style. The ponytail is down to the middle of his back and is believed to be a hair extension.

Subject communicates using difficult-to-comprehend words and phrases.

The photograph is of the subject as he was leaving one of the banks after completing a repurchase of securities.





This was the "invented" movie reviewer
who probably could have been a
success over on Wall Street.






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